Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We spent the weekend in Western Springs, Illinois. Katherine officially became the Associate Pastor of her new church.
2. This church has beautiful stained glass windows.
3. We had lots of fun with Juliette.
4. I've become acquainted with several cousins this year. Two of them sent me extensive genealogy information. It all started with Ancestry.com. What an amazing tool.
5. Katherine dropped my phone. Now it has a display again. The Verizon man told me it would never function correctly again. It still hangs together by a thread.
6. I'm catching up on vampire fiction. I'm listening to Eclipse. There is at least one adverb in every sentence.
7. I spent an afternoon at the Kent State Library last week. They have an extensive periodical collection. I found an article on the Internet that I wanted to read. Of course they had the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal from September, 2001.
8. My high school reunion is this weekend. If I have as much fun as the last one, it will be fantastic.
9. I made another mess in the "blue room" tonight. I started straightening the dresser.
10. One of the pictures I found was Elizabeth taking a picture.

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