Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My Perry HS Reunion was last Saturday night. I sat with my old girlfriends, talked to some old boyfriends and was home by eleven.
2. I took a picture of a picture that someone brought. Here you see me dressed as a "Beatnik."
3. Santa attended my reunion. He wore his summer uniform.
4. I'll be having lunch in Madison today with my Jefferson friends. Donald is coming in from Las Vegas. We are sure to have a great time.
5. I made my first online photo book on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, the next one will be easier.
6. Our church has a Walking with Paul program going on. Yesterday I had 11,987 steps on my pedometer - mostly thanks to Zumba.
7. I played Lexulous this morning. I can hardly wait for Richard to notice I scored 157 points with one word.
8. My brother and I are nominating our father for the Ashtabula County Basketball Hall of Fame. He was a very successful coach in the 1930's. Thanks to his scrapbook, we have the stats. Thanks to Elizabeth for scanning them.
9. The old Stewart farm is being renovated by someone. The three people in this picture are Alice, Rockwell and Howard.
10. In 1871 President Ulysses Grant offered William Morris Stewart a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, but Stewart said, "No, thanks.

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