Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ten on Wednesday Afternoon

1. I missed Ten on Tuesday. Elizabeth inspired me with her Ten on Wednesday Morning.
2. I walked into a large glass masquerading as a door yesterday. It was my own fault as I was looking sideways to see how hard it was raining. Like daughter like mother.
3. I am very pleased with the photo book I made for Grandma R's 92nd birthday. I am sure the second one will be easier.
4. It never occurred to me that I would feel sorry for Michael Bolton, but I do.
5. My nasturians have not done well this year, except for the seed that accidentally went into the geraniums.
6. Our mums are about to explode into blooms. This huge plant is also a volunteer.
7. The Indians are playing their last game of the season tonight.
8. Southwest Airlines bought AirTran. I wonder how service may change at the Akron Canton Airport.
9. I observed a large groundhog wandering around in the yard late this afternoon. I hope he is not planning to move into the neighborhood.
10. The more I read about William Morris Stewart, the more fascinated I am. He hobnobbed with such interesting personalities as Mark Twain, Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln and Leland Stanford - to name a few.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

like daughter (NOT ME) like mother like granddaughter. Bridget walked smack into a glass door yesterday, too.

Is your photobook on Shutterfly? I would like to see it.