Monday, March 21, 2011

Popcorn Monday

Popcorn Monday means cheap movie tickets and free popcorn in the next town over. We try to go whenever time permits. Today we saw Limitless. Last week we saw The Adjustment Bureau. Both movies were good. Science fiction seems to have taken over Hollywood. We skipped I Am Number Four, another science fiction movie. This was mostly because of me. The man who wrote the book did not get any financial benefit from the movie. It is a long story, but I did not want any part of my piddly five dollar ticket to go to the wrong person.
There are seldom more than six or eight people in the movie theater on Monday afternoons. The same employee sells the tickets, takes the tickets and passes out the popcorn. They conserve electricity because the theaters are so incredibly dark, we can hardly find our seats. Twice we received free tickets because the reel broke or the movie started skipping. But the popcorn is tasty and we love to go to the movies.

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