Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. My father's name was Charles Manville Watson. His middle name came from his mother's brother. I knew this man as Mack Johnson. It has only been in the last couple years that I found out his given name was Manville. Uncle Mack was a horseman. He drove a sulky in the horse races at the Jefferson Fair. My only memory of him is sitting on a cot in the horse barn when my family would visit him during fair week. Thanks to meeting his granddaughter Marna, I feel like I know him better.

2. Marna shared several pictures with us. I had never seen this one of my grandmother Ida and her sister Inez before.

3. The population of my family continues to grow. I recently received an e-mail from an Italian man named Mario. His great-grandfather was William Morris Stewart. That means we share the same great-great grandparents. I find this quite exciting and look forward to communicating more with my newly found cousin. Mario found me because I posted pictures on my blog of his grandfather's grave in Arlington Cemetery.

4. I just read Analysis of the Functions of Money written by William Morris Stewart. He states in the dedication he wrote the book for "the young men and women of the United States who are contemplating matrimony". The dedication has the date April 12, 1898 - exactly 113 years ago today.

5. Yesterday I visited my new otolaryngologist in order to get my ears cleaned out. He did it with the help of a microscope, and it was completely painless. I made a good choice with my new doctor.

6. The Golden Flashes, seeded sixth last weekend in the Ann Arbor Regional, finished second behind Michigan to qualify for the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, which will be hosted by Kent State at Cleveland State's Wolstein Center, April 15-17.

7. I will be cheering on the Kent State Golden Flashes this weekend.

8. We took turns holding the big spider. You can see how much Elizabeth enjoyed this experience.

9. Maddie showed me her favorite climbing tree.

10. We had some electrical work done today. Does anyone want to guess what we did?


Elizabeth said...

You finally put in those newfangled electric lights throughout the house?

I think you are plotting for the girls to go to Kent State.

Richard said...

Nope, guess again...

Marie said...

Got the light pole fixed.

Richard said...

You cheated. You got it from the horses mouth....uh...Mamma said...