Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday about Charles and Robert

1. The men pictured here are Charles Watson, School Supt, and Robert Shoaf, High School Principal.

2. They were dignified men who did their jobs well.

3. The Shoafs did not have children. My brother and I used to get terrific Christmas presents from them. We could hardly wait until Christmas Day to open our gifts. Actually, my brother usually did not wait - or he waited until no one was looking.

4. Once a year my father put on a different hat. He became the Superintendent of the County Fair. It was fun for me, too, as I enjoyed lots of free passes on the rides.

5. Robert Shoaf also had another job. He owned a concession at Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania. Every summer he and his wife moved to PA. He donned an apron and sold chances on some kind of a game.

6. Robert Shoaf boasted of being a friend of Perry Como, who got his start singing at this amusement park.

7. One summer our family spent a two week vacation living in a cottage at the park.

8. I became an expert driving the Dodgem Cars.

9. We went swimming every day on this vacation. My mother always jumped in the water with us. I never remember my father even wearing a bathing suit. I don't think he ever learned how to swim, or just did not care for it. He watched us from a pier.

10. Every day after lunch my brother and I wandered off to ride the Blue Streak. These were my only experiences with a roller coaster.

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