Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday

1. As usual the Jefferson lunch was fun. Donald made a trip from Las Vegas in order to make the event.

2. We love our woodpeckers

3. Katherine, Ben and Juliette have a lovely new house. They look forward to living in in it soon.

4. Here is a picture of my father and his high school basketball team. Can you guess which one he is? Also, pictured are his two first cousins. I'll bet they had a lot of fun together. My cousin Don gave me this picture.

5. Our new faucet looks great. It was a surprise when I arrived home.

6. Jack is a good baby.

7. Jack likes to watch Charlie.

8. The flowers and plants arrived at Marc's today. It is always one of my favorite days of the year, because I know spring and summer are on the way.

9. The Taylors looked great for church on Easter Sunday.

10. Here is a picture of another cute little guy. Charlie is standing in front of his Mama.

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