Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today was an incredibly beautiful day in Ohio.
2. The weather inspired me to run 5K.
3. The weather inspired me to mow the lawn.
4. I had to pick up a lot of sticky things in the yard. (Inside joke)
5. I found a picture of Aunt Luella on the porch at her home in Riverside, Illinois.
6. Having lots of children visit us recently made me think of my own childhood.
7. I happened upon a picture of my mother, my brother about age 4 and myself somewhere around 1/1/2.
8. The patterns in the picture certainly reflect the forties.
9. I wonder who took this picture. There was not much film available back then.
10.Football season begins this Saturday at the Ohio State University. Time and change will surely show .....


Marie said...

I still can't get over how much Katherine looks like Aunt Luella. I would love to take this picture to her house and do a "Dear Photograph" with it. Have you found a picture you could do it with yet?

Elizabeth said...

I used that picture of Katherine I mean Aunt Luella in my book... it's just so eerie.

Do you remember the little stuffed dog in that picture? I love all the detail it shows...