Sunday, September 01, 2013

Buckeye Football Past and Present

The Ohio State University Football Team opened another season on August 31st. They won and continue to have the longest unbeaten record in college football for now. I've attended many games over the years. On the way to Columbus I walked back through my mind trying to remember the first time I saw the Buckeyes. The sun shone brightly on that Homecoming Saturday afternoon in 1953 - give or take a year. I don't recall who the Buckeyes played or even who won. What remains as a vivid memory was the famous Heisman Trophy winner "Hopalong" Cassady. He reminded me of a personal favorite, the fearless cowboy Hopalong Cassidy and his famous horse Topper.

My father, mother, brother and I sat in the open end of the stadium about halfway up. We cheered the team and the band like loyal Ohio Staters did. After the game we walked to Indianola Avenue where Dad had parked the car. Along the way we looked at the colorful floats fresh from the Homecoming Parade the night before.

This year's game had its share of unexpected moments. I bumped into one of my favorite students from Tallmadge Middle School. Emily worked for me in the library.

                                How convenient. We had someone to take our picture.

 The football team continued playing well, and of course, the band performed magnificently. We even had a few percussion players directly in front of us.

After the game we walked through several parking lots to get back to the car. The following won the tailgating prize as far as I was concerned.

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Elizabeth said...

This game was on TV so we were watching for you but did not see you, alas. 1953! Wow. That is something. We sure wish we could have seen Wyoming almost beat Nebraska last night...